Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Forbes Mag Names Kernville Top-10 Best Town

Kernville is one of the top 10 best whitewater towns in America according to Forbes Magazinne's article, U.S. Whitewater Spots Worth A Visit by Monte Burke.

Fender Bender Rapid on "The Thunder Run"
Here's what they say:
"We've assembled a crack team of whitewater experts to help us pick out the 10 best whitewater towns in America. The list spans the country, from the southeast to the Pacific Northwest--and includes urban spots as well as country outposts...
We caught up with Jacobi in the town of Kernville, Calif., where he was hosting his annual whitewater skills camp. Jacobi had high praise for both the sheer length of the whitewater on the nearby Kern River--more than 100 miles--and its variety, from Class I (the easiest rapids) to Class V (the most difficult and dangerous in size and speed). He says the Kern River Brewing Company, owned by two kayakers, is a mandatory post-paddle stop. "
Read the full article here.

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