Friday, March 3, 2017

Extreme Whitewater - Kern River 2017!

2017 is already an unreal year for whitewater on the Kern River. With a huge Sierra Snowpack, the peak flows will certainly extend throughout the summer!  Excited by the winter rains and flooding whitewater, some of the best paddlers in the world have been showing off their skills on the Kern River.

See incredible footage of local Kernville and professional kayaker Evan Moore on the Lower Kern River last week!!  This class 5+ run called "Cataracts of the Kern" was flowing high at 4400 cfs.

There was plenty of action!  Highlights of the carnage from Johnny Chase, Evan Moore, and Tad Dennis.

An infamous rapid named Fender Bender, a couple miles north of Kernville, was going off at 18,000 cfs. Watch Eric and Rebecca Giddens, former Olympians and Kern River Brewery owners, make it look easy!

Dont miss the Kern River Festival at the end of April this year!!

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Top 5 Mountain Bike Rides in Kernville / Southern Sierras

1. Cannell Trail - An IMBA EPIC with high alpine singletrack weaving up to 10,000 feet in elevation before plunging toward the Kern River at 2600 ft; this is a must-do ride!  Mountain River Adventures provides shuttles in Kernville. 
The Cannell Plunge

2. Just Outstanding - 5 miles of pure forested flowing bliss lead to several ride options. Riding to the rowdy Dutch Flat Trail and down into Keyesville is a classic! Throw in Wagy to Rocky Gulch Trail and that makes a big adventure.  Another favorite is to climb Wagy Road to Wagy Ridge Trail to AGTO ending near Boulder Gulch.
Just Outstanding Manzanita Tunnel

3. Kern Canyon Trail - Amazing in the Winter and  Spring, 25 miles of singletrack make an awesome cross country ride in the rolling hills above the lower Kern River.  Start in Keyesville for the big ride, or shorten the ride by pedalling from the Freeway Ridge Trailhead by the corral.
Kern Canyon Trail

4Camp Nelson Trail & Bear Creek Trails -  Don't miss these two gems in the Giant Sequoias!  Both technical and flowy, the shorter Nelson Trail is completely awesome.  A 2,000 foot climb to Bear Creek Trail leads to one of the best downhills around. For a day to remember, shuttle both with Sequoia Mountain Adventures. 

5. Portuguese Pass Trail / Tobias Trail - Rapidly gaining in popularity,  these trails provide more great Southern Sierra riding. A local favorite xc ride is to loop Portuguese Trail by riding up the forest road from Greenhorn Summit to Portuguese Pass (or beyond), then back down the trail.  For an epic shuttle ride, traverse the cedar and black oak forest of the Greenhorn Mountains, before the mega descent along Tobias Creek to the Kern River!   
Portuguese Pass Trail
Honorable Mentions:
Cedar Canyon to River Trail - One of the most remote rides in the region, these trails (especially in the second half of the ride) are very  physically demanding, very technical, and super epic.  One group of  unprepared riders had to hike-a-bike several miles of trail and finished 13 hours later.  Having said that as a warning, it is a completely awesome backcountry adventure ride with superb mountain and river scenery. With some trail maintenance and maybe a couple re-routes, this ride would easily be in the upper Top 5.
The River Trail

Honorable Mention 2:  
Mill Creek & Remington Ridge Trails -  If you have a willing shuttle driver to do two laps,  riding both these trails will give you 9,000 feet of fast fun downhill!
Upper Mill Creek Trail

Ok Just One More: 

Freeman Creek Trail - This smooth fast singletrack weaves its way down through some incredible Giant Sequoias near the Golden Trout Wilderness.  A supurb out 'n' back ride can start off Lloyd Meadows Rd past Johnsondale or at the top near Quaking Aspen on the Western Divide Hwy.
George Bush Tree on Freeman Creek Trail

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Which High Sierra Peaks Are In View?

 As seen from the Baker Point Lookout Tower:

From  "...the most unique and awe-inspiring sight of all! In view is the grouping of the highest mountains in the entire contiguous USA! Several High Sierra peaks, including Mt Whitney and other "14ers" line the northern horizon. Because of the north/south trajectory of the Kern Canyon, it is possible to look out to the farthest extent of the Kern River drainage, through the heart of the Sierras."

Read about hiking Baker Point here.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Finally Snow in the High Country!

The high country is white! 
Yesterday (1/24/12) was a gorgeous day in the Greenhorns with a thin layer of fresh powder over a firm base, perfect conditions for free heel fun!     

Views towards Mt Whitney and the High Sierra.

Some tele-turns on a couple inches of snow.

Sherman Pass Road had not been plowed to the preferred winter trailhead as of early January 24th, but it could be clear by now.  There is 1-2+ feet of snow above 8,000 feet.

Winter Conditions can be checked on the Backcountry Web Cam Slideshow on

Thursday, January 12, 2012

2011 Keyesville Race Highlights (Video!)

Scenes from the Pro Cross Country, Short Track, Downhill, Vintage Bike Race, and Teletubby Dirt Jumpers...
(Sorry we missed getting footage from the Trials events - Those riders were awesome!)

Includes top USA professional racers like Adam Craig, Tinker Juarez, Lance Canfield, Jim Hewitt, Will Patterson, Graeme Pitts, Ben Cruz....

2012 Keyesville Race: March 31-April 1

Keyesville Classic Trail description and information here.

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